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Blast Over Tattoos: Why Cover up? Let's Just Add Another Layer

Blast Over Tattoos: Why Cover up? Let's Just Add Another Layer

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

We're here to explain the phenomenon of blast over tattoos and why they might be better than a cover up....sometimes. Maybe.

We're sure you've seen it...blast over tattoos have, thanks to social media, become more present in the community...and if you're confused as to why someone would rather just blast over, than cover up: well, we're here to explain it to you! Usually it's for people who hate their color work and want to cover it up, or it's for people who have just plain run outta' room! In one of our past articles about blast over tattoos, you can see a really good example of someone who got an entire sleeve of Mario characters...but apparently he grew out of video games..because he got an artist to cover it with some seriously cool blackwork.

There's also just the plain fact that tattoo removal can be expensive, and painful...while cover up tattoos can end up looking just as bad as what they're covering up. We're sure we can find you an artist to masterfully give you a cover up that you'll love, but sometimes that can end up being really expensive too..and sometimes, for us dweebs who have tons of ink, we seriously just don't even care that much anymore. So if tattoo removal, or a super refined cover up isn't really something you want, try a blast over tattoo. We promise that, as usual, with the right can look seriously sick af.

Most blast over tattoos will be heavy blackwork...but that's cool too. Especially if you have color work you want to cover up. It ends up looking sort of like a light watercolor wash under thick ink. The layers look beautiful, and are a testament to how our styles change, our ideas about ourselves change..but you should always remember that you always have tons of choices as to how to deal with a tattoo you're not happy with! They may say a tattoo is forever...but these days, it really isn't.

Written byTattoodo

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