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Celebrate Fantastic Beasts 2 With the Best Harry Potter Tattoos

Celebrate Fantastic Beasts 2 With the Best Harry Potter Tattoos

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We've chosen some of the best Harry Potter tattoos to celebrate the opening of Fantastic Beasts 2!

This weekend Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald opened in theaters, and while movie critics are a bit torn, many die hard Harry Potter fans are applauding the new films, including one who says that part two of Fantastic Beasts is "twice as Fantastic than the first". To be sure, we here at Tattoodo are huge admirers of J.K Rowling and her incredible imagination! Honestly, we hope this series literally never ends. So to celebrate the release of this new flick of the franchise, we've looked through our database of tattoos, many uploaded from our 4.9 millions users, to reveal the best Harry Potter tattoos.

It seems that there are some favorites amongst devotees...considering that there are 7 Harry Potter books, 2 Fantastic Beast books (with more to come), and now ten movies, it's hard to choose a favorite character or moment between them all! We're just waiting for the moment when someone goes all in and gets a Harry Potter tattoo bodysuit. Who wouldn't want to be covered in their favorite witches, wizards, and spells? It looks to us, however, if you have to choose just one Harry Potter tattoo...many people go for Dumbledore, The Golden Snitch, or, of course, the boy with the lightening bolt scar himself!

It kind of blows our minds that the first movie was released in 2001. The first book was released in 1997, so technically that means 21 years of Harry Potter tattoos are out there!! We're incredibly excited, not only for this new Fantastic Beasts feature, but also that people are using our app to upload the most awesome pieces out there. These Harry Potter tattoos are some of the best and they inspire us to no end! We also love to hear that J.K. Rowling is as much a lover of Harry Potter pieces as we are...she's used to her Twitter a few times to reach out to fans who have gotten them. She even hand wrote one for a very special devotee! If that doesn't hit you in the feels, we don't know what will...

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