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Celebrate Resilience: Tattoodo's 2020 Recap

Celebrate Resilience: Tattoodo's 2020 Recap

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With this year coming to a close, we take a look at the events, artists, and community members who kept us inspired.

As 2020 comes to a close, we take a look back at the year to celebrate staying positive, and surviving, during these tumultuous times. Although there are certainly many things we could point to as being particularly difficult, what we have decided to focus on are the wins. Communities have come together in seriously inspiring ways, raising money for charities and those in need. We've also seen people get super creative, we've seen friends and families connect despite quarantines, we've felt a great and positive shift in the world towards real change. And not just because we finally dumped Trump.

While Tattoodo obviously didn't have the privilege to visit many in-person events this year, we took that time to focus on building plans that would help support artists affected by Covid shop closures. We built out a Covid-19 plan, that not only included free use of our platform and artists tools for a limited time, but we also started our Art Class series that has received tons of incredible feedback. So many others are taking the time in 2020 to beat the Corona blues with awesome initiatives that lifts our spirits high.

We also made sure to focus on Black Lives Matter causes, because we're devoted to helping evolve this industry for the better. We're devoted to making sure everyone feels included...that's the beauty of this industry. It's a family, and everyone should feel the love. 2020 saw the unveiling of Anderson Luna's video speaking on the inclusion of BIMPoC artists, as well as clients, and how we all need to be better to eradicate whiteness in tattooing. We were also super stoked to have him do a Tattoodo Art Class on one of our favorite icons, Kali.

In 2020, Tattoodo was also able to team up with Zalando for a spotlight on some of our favorite tattooists and tattoo collectors for a series of films that showcased the intimate stories of creatives within the tattoo community. Beautifully captured, it was one of those times during this year that helped us feel connected and inspired. The Free to Be campaign is totally in line with why so many people are drawn to this industry: through the art form of tattooing, we can express ourselves and build friendships that last a lifetime. Authenticity and freedom are cornerstones of tattooing, and we're always proud to be a part of that in any way possible.

This year, Tattoodo also focused our efforts on refining what we can offer to artists and clients. Our mission has always been to be the place where people can find whatever they need: everything tattoo in one place. Our directory of artists has completely exploded with talent this year, and we know that the collectors who use our platform for inspiration can now truly find great fits for their dream tattoo. Connecting with artists, going into shops, can sometimes be intimidating, especially for first timers...and that shouldn't be the case. For clients, being able to book online with an artist they choose is stepping up the game in how we can connect to each other and create incredible art together.

For artists, we're always evolving what we can offer and make sure that it's always of the highest standard. From day one, Tattoodo has been working with great tattooers like Chris Garver, Henning, Mike Rubendall, and others, to build something that is truly in line with what artists of the contemporary age need. From cool features like our Instagram bio link and Art Classes to a completely integrated client system that includes messaging, travel requests, a calendar for appointments, and even the ability to take deposits or full payment for tattoos, all in one seamless place. Our hope is to make business easier so that artists can focus on creating awesome art. At the end of the day, Tattoodo is for Tattooers, and we really pride ourselves on that.

We're also celebrating the fact that our Instagram just hit 3.6 million followers, which blows our mind. But that's not all: we've gotten 2 million app downloads, 38 thousand artists joined our platform, 52 thousand clients requested tattoo appointments, and 6.6 million images were saved for future tattoo inspo.

So, yes, 2020 was a doozy of a year. We saw riots, death, disease, loss of income, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones...but, at the end of the day, we're a resilient community. We come together when it's needed most...which pretty much meant this entire year. Yes, we're all exhausted, we're all excited for this time to come to a close, but we're also still going to stand up and celebrate that we worked hard, we supported each other across global boundaries and quarantines, and we've made the best we could out of this time. The way we look at it: everyone deserves a stand of ovation and a hearty cheers.

From Tattoodo to you, we raise a glass. Happy Holidays, and here's to kicking ass in 2021.

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