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Dark Skin Tattoo Tips

Dark Skin Tattoo Tips

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TattedUpX and Angel Rose of Dark Skin Tattoo Tips speak on supporting diversity through education.

Started in the summer of 2020, Angel Rose began Dark Skin Tattoo Tips in hopes of creating a resource base for much of the information floating around the internet. Angel explains, "I created this page because I wanted to create a space for tattooers to share their knowledge in working with darker skin. Many of us are taught that it is very difficult to tattoo dark skin, and that idea is often perpetuated throughout tattoo culture. As a result, I feel as though many tattooers may not know where to find the resources they need to be able to work more comfortable with dark skin. This page will hopefully become a tool for artists to overcome this."

TattedUpX then joined Angel to continue building the page and as of now, they've reached over 13,000 followers and their reach is growing every day. This is partly due to their passion for the industry in general, but it's also proof that there is a need for what they're doing. They both explain that not only have tattooers asked other artists to follow Dark Skin Tattoo Tips, but some tattooists have also reached out with questions or thoughts on technique. X and Angel not only share these questions or thoughts on the page, but they also round up any good tutorials, even vocabulary, anatomy tips or articles they think will be valuable.

One of the main aspects of Dark Skin Tattoo Tips is teaching how to accommodate BIPOC clients rather than turning them away. It's not about maintaining incorrect expectations; tattoos will always look different depending on the type of skin, whether that be a difference in tone, difference in age or pre-existing skin conditions like eczema. No one is expecting tattoos to look the same on everyone. However, this is about maintaining a positive evolution in the industry to further embrace diversity. Some tattooers maintain that their technique won't work on highly melanated skin, but Dark Skin Tattoo Tips helps artists learn new techniques in order to provide tattoos to those who are often turned away from studios based solely on their skin tone.

X and Angel are super quick to note that their space is one of open conversation and education. Their hope and goal is to create a resource for tattooers and clients of all backgrounds that will help create diversity and further understanding within the industry. On their page, not only are tattoo tips shared, but also questions from clients and tattooers alike who are searching for answers they can't find elsewhere. This is a forum where people feel comfortable to ask things such as where to find a Realism Floral tattooist in Los Angeles or how to make sure not to overwork skin and cause keloids. The willingness to learn, both from the X and Angel, as well as their follower base, has built a positive platform that supports authentic and fluid dialogues on a number of subjects.

Dark Skin Tattoo Tips is an initiative and platform that is adding to the conversation in a truly empowering way. It's a space for everyone to learn and grow. It's a way for everyone to come together to create the change we'd like to see. Check out their page and give them a follow.

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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