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David Beckham Got 2 New Tattoos Added to His Collection

David Beckham Got 2 New Tattoos Added to His Collection

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The hunk added some ink to his collection recently, check out what they are.

Arguably the most famous soccer player ever, David Beckham has quite the collection of tattoos. His signature body art has set him apart from most footballers and he has gained international recognition for his skills on the pitch and for his tattoos.

David Beckham's new neck tattoo. #DavidBeckham #Soccer #Celebrities #NeckTattoo

Beckham got the words "I Love You" tattooed on his neck. Seeing as how the ink-addicted star already has a ton of tattoos on his neck and is worth millions of dollars, a neck tattoo doesn't carry much of a risk. Plus, the presumably meaningful sentiment behind the tattoo is something that pulls at the heartstrings.

On the other side of his neck, Beckham got the words, "Do It Afraid" tattooed. The meaning of this tattoo has not been revealed, but one could assume that it has to do with courage in the face of adversity. 

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