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Delicate Details: An Interview with Yojo Grim

Delicate Details: An Interview with Yojo Grim
Tattoo Artists3 min Read

In this artist feature, we talk with Yojo about early influences, her artistic goals and plans for the future.

Yojo is an example of an artist that is connected to her art on a beautiful and deep level. Originally from Korea, she is currently working at 10KF studio in Seoul and often visits the 10KF location in Hollywood. In the interview she talks about how healing tattoos can be to her clients and her dream to change the perception people have about the art form. She also discusses the importance of details and technical proficiency when creating tattoo art. 
Do you remember the first moment you were drawn to art? Are there any important memories that hint at the artist you would become?
I've been drawn to art since I was young. Ever since I can remember I've been talented in arts such as painting, drawing, dance, and musical instruments. However, I liked to draw alone and create the art for myself rather than stand out in front of many people. I fell in love with drawing and became a tattooist naturally.

Why were you drawn to tattooing and what made you pick this profession? Who were the tattoo artists you would and still look up to?
Tattooing is an honor, to me. I find it valuable to engrave my own design on someone's body. I feel proud that customers create the theme of flowers they like, or flowers that mean the most to them and I take that and make something unique for them to wear on their skin for life. My favorite tattoo artist is Tritoan. He's a tattooist who really understands the curves of a customer's body and he creates really beautiful tattoos.
Can you talk about your style and how it developed over time?
I'm an extremely delicate tattooer. I value details, technical proficiency, and design. I've been working for several years on doing tattoos that matched the client's body shape and their self-image. It is very important to understand the curvature of the body and how it can enhance or detract from the piece you've created, depending on placement/size.

If you are able to pick, which is one of your favorite pieces you have tattooed?
I did a tattoo of a lily in crimson ink that I really love. It goes around my client's upper arm and up over her shoulder from behind, blossoming near her collar bone. I felt like all aspects of the tattoo suited her so well and it left me feeling very proud.

Many artists have a philosophy about their work or why they create it. What is your artistic philosophy and your goals within it?
I think my tattoos give customers positive energy. I do a lot of scar cover-up work. My clients cover their scars with my flowers and it's very healing, emotionally. It is my philosophy to live as someone who gives beautiful and positive energy to customers and anyone else I meet. I am a peaceful and people-loving artist.

What are your favorite parts about the tattoo industry and where would you like to see change? How do you feel about the future of it?
I love that the tattoo industry has no design restrictions. There are so many different genres of tattoos and they become more diverse and unique with each new artist who comes into the industry. There are many people who have a negative view on tattoos, but I think tattoos have become more universal among cultures and will continue to do so in the future. There is nothing specifically that I want to change in the tattoo industry. There are both advantages and disadvantages due to the underground nature of this industry. As it develops more and more, I hope the industry's roots will maintain the culture for future artists and enthusiasts.
Do you have any projects, events, or plans coming up in the future that you’d like to share?
I want to do body painting and product design with my own designs. I want to introduce my style in that medium because I think it's more accessible to customers who are worried about getting tattoos on their bodies. I also want to create a YouTube channel that can change the perception of tattoos. I want to show how much confidence and positive energy tattoos give people.