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Delicate Fine Line Tattoos by Elisabet Waris

Delicate Fine Line Tattoos by Elisabet Waris
Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Just like no snowflake is like another, Waris' tattoos are also one of a kind.

Elisabet Waris is a tattooist and model from Finland. Her blackwork tattoos are generally created with single needles for that delicate fine line look. And, while flowers do appear in many of her pieces, there really isn't any overriding theme in her work. 

Summer cottage tattoo by Elisabet Waris. #blackwork #linework #ElisabetWaris #Summer #cottage

Tattoos like the snowflake and the Icelandic design are very structured, with precise and showcase accurate line work. Much of tattooing today has either an American or Japanese influence, so I love to see more European history and mythology being injected into the tattooing world. I'm sure you'll enjoy these tattoos by Elisabet Waris too. 

Nudy Tattooer's Blackwork Crescent Moons and Sad Girls are definitely worth checking out!

Geometric bumblebee tattoo by Elisabet Waris. #blackwork #linework #ElisabetWaris #bumblebee #bee #geometric

Images from Instagram.

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