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Disco's Out, Murder's In: 12th Annual Musink Fest

Disco's Out, Murder's In: 12th Annual Musink Fest
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We give you a guide and recap to the awesome stuff that went down at the 12th Annual Musink Tattoo and Music Fest.

If you weren't there, we're super bummed we missed you. This years 12th Annual Musink Fest was f***in' sweet as f***. Seriously, we couldn't say it any better. Just to fill you in on all the dirty deeds we got down with while we were there, check out these behind the scenes shots!

Not only was our team, Jes, Joe Letz and our camera guy Rene, able to catch up with some of our favorite musicians and tattooists during the three day fest, we were also able to meet and greet with the great man himself, Travis Barker. "We Interviewed Travis Barker about his involvement with Musink, and how it’s grown over the years - and his goals for future conventions. We talked a bit about why hardcore, punk rock, rock music and the like goes hand in hand with tattoo culture, and how perhaps the East Coast could be expecting their very own Musink sometime soon…"
We left feeling pretty satisfied, since...there really isn't anything better than music, tattoos, and a bunch of rad people to share it with.

If you haven't already seen the incredible Sessions we've done with artists over the years at some of the best tattoo studios and events, you best be gettin' on that. Jes filled us in on who they were able to film with this time around. "We got some bucket list Sessions ticked off our list with Freddy Negrete, Chuey Quintanar and Small Paul along with London Reese, Adam Vu Noir and Juan Puente."

Freddy did one of his classic black and grey Memento Mori Chicano ladies on a clients ribs, tough spot for a tough as nails guy, while Chuey created a rose for his client. "London Reese got down to biz on a perfect photo-realism Thor, and explained why his favorite vegetable is a cucumber." Adam Vu Noir tattooed one of his warped and melted portraits on someones scalp, Small Paul worked on a leg sleeve of deities, and Juan Puente did an awesome Rose of No Man's land on his friends forearm. "We talked to mostly all of them about how they got started and their influences, why they err towards their current 'style', etc. all of which you can look forward to once their Sessions have aired. We also got a few hilarious Inkounters, one featuring a big flying penis!"

Of course, we deeply indulged in the music...and Joe talked to some of his old friends. "Joe interviewed Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit about his unique and artistic approach to all things music, and also confirmed that tattooing the name of a significant other on your body is never a great idea. We got some unparalleled footage of him getting ready for that nights gig and also got to watch the show from stage."

Joe also caught up with Lou Koller, singer of Sick of It All, where they reminisced about some touring they did together over a decade ago together in their respective bands (Joe was in AMEN at that time). Also about having grown up near each other in different parts of Queens, NY. They discussed the history of tattoo culture in NYC from back in the days before there were legal tattoo shops. We talked to Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies about how he manifested his role as bassist in the band, and how his tattoos tell that story. And we talked to Junior Kittlitz, drummer of All Hail the Yeti, about what life is like in such a hard working band. He opened up to us about some very tragic events that have happened in his life, a van accident from a previous band which took the life of some of his closest friends and band members, which he has memorialized on his body through tattoos."

Ah, unfortunately all good things must come to an end...but we will relive each moment via the awesome footage and photos, and we hope you will too! We'll be releasing them as soon as they're up to our editing standards. Obviously, we're also looking forward to next year...and if you didn't make it this year...ya best wake the f*** up and get on it for 2020!

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