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Documenting a Documentarian With Louis Theroux Tattoos

Documenting a Documentarian With Louis Theroux Tattoos
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The charming British filmmaker gets some unexpected tattoo love

Documentary filmmakers are very rarely rockstars. You won’t find any Errol Morris, Ken Burns, or Morgan Spurlock tattoos on die-hard fans. Yet, there are exceptions to every rule, and we’ve recently become of one documentarian who does receive the tattoo treatment from his fans — Louis Theroux. Join us now as we examine a series of very unlikely inkings — Louis Theroux tattoos.

Amazingly punny piece by Brad Leander (via IG -- iamlydiarose) #BradLeander #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Louis Theroux tattoo by Rich Wells (via IG -- richwellstattoos) #richwells #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Louis Theroux by Rosie Malone (via IG -- rosie_malone) #RosieMalone #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Theroux portrait by Matt Youl (via IG -- theyoul) #mattyoul #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo

Theroux was born in Singapore in 1970. He moved to England a year later and spent the rest of his childhood there. He studied at Oxford and moved to America in 1992 where he found work as a journalist with the free weekly paper Metro Silicon Valley in San Jose. A few years later, he became a correspondent for Michael Moore’s short-lived television series TV Nation.

Blue Louis Theroux #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Louis and classic quote (via IG -- jiggleapparel) #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Louis Theroux by Joey Salvage (via IG -- joeysalvage_tattoo) #joeysalvage #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo
Louis Theroux portrait by Jack Wolf (via IG -- revrendtoast) #jackwolf #louistheroux #louistherouxtattoo

The Louis Theroux tattoos are all testaments to just how likable this unassuming little bloke is. Join us next time when we deliver 600 words on the one tattoo we can find of Michael Moore’s dumb, smug face.

Servo Jefferson
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