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Eight Amazing Traditional Pieces by Rose Hardy

Eight Amazing Traditional Pieces by Rose Hardy
Tattoo Artists2 min Read

These impeccable tattoos are all about the details.

Traditional tattoos have always been categorized for their bold lines, vibrant color, and their timeless style. It can be a bit tricky to incorporate intricate details into the style, as more often than not, it doesn’t translate quite as well as one would hope. It’s the territory that comes with the style, a trade off, if you will, bold lines and a punch of color, with more simplistic details. It’s not often that you come across an artist that can incorporate both the traditional style as well as an insane amount of detail, but Rose Hardy does just that.

Mystical Lady by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #ladyhead #traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy
Fan by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #fan #traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy

Based out of Manhattan’s Lower East Side at the famed Kings Avenue Tattoo, Rose Hardy is a New Zealand born artist that boasts 16 years of experience. Perhaps best known for her absolutely stunning lady head tattoos, which can range in size from a medium forearm piece to a massive back piece, their defining attributes aside from their vintage inspired, 1920’s motif, are the details that so eloquently attribute to their overall personas. In an interview with Inked Magazine, Hardy says she uses “a lot of detailed pattern work without being the usual, perfectly computer generated mandalas. They fit more organically rather than perfect circles and are a bit more lace or jewelry inspired.”

Back Piece in Progress by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #ladyhead #traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy
Teacup Bunny by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #rabbit #traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy

In addition to her lady heads, Hardy also creates beautiful animals like bears, rabbits, and spiders that also have an incredible amount of depth to them. It’s the subtle details like the pointillism used in the rabbit’s collar, or the fine lines found in the bear’s fur, and the intricacy and organic flow of the spider’s web that make Hardy’s work stand out among her peers.

Painting by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #ladyhead #fineart #art #detailed #color #rosehardy
Bear by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #bear #traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy

Aside from tattooing, Hardy is also an artist, and an accomplished one at that. Favoring acrylics and the occasional watercolor, her art is the definition of old glamour. Favoring female subjects in her fine art, Hardy’s ladies are characterized by their fluttering lashes and tight pin curls. Hardy says that, “women’s faces have always been so fun to draw. You can capture completely different moods, make up different clothing and hairstyles, add and design the jewelry. There are so many elements that I find interesting.”

Spider Back Piece in Progress by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #spider #spiderweb#traditional #neotraditional #detailed #color #rosehardy
Art by Rose Hardy (via IG-rosehardy) #ladyhead #fineart #art #detailed #color #rosehardy

So if you ever find yourself in New York’s Lower East Side, be sure to stop by King’s Ave, and pay Rose Hardy and her intricate traditional work a visit.

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