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Fearless As F*** : Interview with Tattoo Artist Courtney Lloyd

Fearless As F*** : Interview with Tattoo Artist Courtney Lloyd
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In this interview with tattoo artist Courtney Lloyd she talks about how to evolve as an artist and how to embrace self love.

Down to earth with an effervescent quality that makes rainbows in bubbles giggle with glee, Courtney Lloyd is not only an absolute knockout, but she's also authentic AF and sweet as can be. It's people like Courtney who are embracing female empowerment, and kindness to others, in a way that is absolutely revolutionary and integral to tattooing. This is the type of person you want to get a tattoo from because it will be an experience full of positivity and trust. 

It’s so great to meet you. I’ve always loved your me it feels like there’s a great sense of humor behind it. So, I was wondering if you have a philosophy behind your work? 

Yeah, cool! How did you evolve into this style? Have you always done this kind’s like New School meets Traditional...with glitter, right?

I feel like to be a really good tattoo artist, to evolve, you kind of just have to do it all the time, but is there anything else you can do besides just doing it?

I guess it kind of helps you see everything from all different perspectives...and you know, you hit upon something else too. There are so many incredibly talented tattoo artists in London, it’s kind of mind blowing. It kind of reminds me of a lot of New York...where it’s like the tattoo community here seems really tight knit, but how do you guys all stay in business? There’s just so many good tattoo artists! 

You can't get away with just being lazy, or not caring, because everyone is here to do great things...

Why do you think London..I mean, I know it has such a strong tradition here for tattooing, but why do you think artists really flourish here?

I really get that. It is very similar in that way to New York. But that’s something else, you know? How do you deal with that pressure to produce content, or create really amazing things all the time? It’s so intense. 

I’m going to stop caring what people think because it's taken me many years to feel comfortable and confident with myself...Fuck yeah!

Yeah, totally...the landscape of tattooing has changed so much too. It’s so much easier to find great tattooers, and collect from them, especially because of social media. When I started over ten years was nothing like this! Which is great, but that’s another pressure’ve already got the pressure to create great artwork constantly, but now you also have to have this social media’s like a whole other demand. 

Totally! I feel like female tattooers get a lot of flack for that, especially if you’re a hot girl, which, I’m sorry, you are, people are going to be like...oh, she only gets clients because she’s hot. 

Yeah, I almost feel like women are actually kind of reclaiming the tattoo industry for themselves, and making it their own...and really pushing back. On top of that you’ve got the Me Too movement and people are finally trying to hold everyone accountable for their actions.

...these women are here and unafraid to be who they are.

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Is that why you work here specifically at Femme Fatale?

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