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Fighting Wildfire: Fundly for Australia

Fighting Wildfire: Fundly for Australia
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To raise funds for the damage done by bushfire in Australia, Ami James and Chris Nunez have created a global tattoo contest.

The catastrophic bushfires in Australia continue to rage on, burning around 12 million acres of land, destroying homes and killing almost half a billion of animals. Unfortunately, many more will be affected in the coming years due to loss of habitat and sustenance. So far the human death toll is counted at 24, but several people remain missing including many volunteer firefighters. Entire towns have been evacuated for safety and many more are in serious danger. Officials have warned that this is far from being over; the fires could continue for months, and rehabilitation will take even longer.

In these times, the resilience and strength of the tattoo community to rally support on a global scale for important initiatives is of the utmost importance. The Australian bushfires is one of a growing number of ecological issues that desperately needs our aid.

Help Australia: Win an Ami James and Chris Nunez tattoo!

Baby Kangaroo trapped in wire when trying to escape bushfire - Picture: Brad Fleet - Source:News Corp Australia
Australia bushfires rage while animals try desperately to escape.
Koala with bandages

To help, Ami James and Chris Nunez have come together to raise much needed funds by hosting an international contest wherein the winner will receive a free tattoo with travel and hotel expenses covered as well. All proceeds from the contest will go to the Australian Wildlife Rescue W.I.R.E.S. The organization works 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to ensure the safety of as many animals as possible. W.I.R.E.S. has been in existence for over 30 years and stands as the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Not only do they work from their headquarters, but they also regularly partner with smaller organizations, volunteer groups, universities, veterinaries, and more, in hopes of helping animals across the country.

Ami James and Chris Nunez come together to help raise money for W.I.R.E.S, an Australian wildlife rescue organization.

Ami James and Chris Nunez come together to help raise money for W.I.R.E.S, an Australian wildlife rescue organization.

To enter the W.I.R.E.S. fund contest, participants can buy a virtual raffle ticket via the contest’s Fundly. The minimum raffle ticket price is $20 with the added bonus of unlimited entries allowed. In essence: the more you donate to help W.I.R.E.S., the better your chances will be of winning! The winner will be flown into Miami, enjoy a 2 night stay at the luxury hotel Urbanica in South Beach, and will receive a free palm size tattoo by Ami James and Chris Nunez. Contestants can be located anywhere in the world but must be 18 years old or over. The winner will be announced on the Tattoodo Instagram on March 1st. We hope in this time of dire need, you'll join the tattoo community in a worthy cause.

To enter please click here: Help Australia!

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