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FLASH FRIDAY: Celebrity Portraits by Daniel Teixeira

FLASH FRIDAY: Celebrity Portraits by Daniel Teixeira
Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Daniel Teixeira makes it easy to get a celebrity portrait with these awesome flash art pieces.

When you want to get a celebrity portrait tattoo, it's usually a pretty long process. You need to pick out the perfect picture of your favorite celebrity, have the artist look it over to make sure it'll work as a tattoo, then it takes forever to actually have it tattooed on your body. It's a whole rigamarole that can end up being a huge hassle if the tattoo doesn't really pan out to your liking, or if that celebrity goes off the deep end.

Stranger Things indeed. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #StrangerThings
Basquiat. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #Basquiat

Daniel's Neo-Traditional style plays perfectly with these type of portraits. He's one of the very best and most notable tattoo artists in Portugal, working out of the Golden Heart Tattoo Club. Working primarily in blackwork, you can see why he's got over 20k followers on social media.

Frida tributing Bowie. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #Frida
Morrissey. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #Morrissey #TheSmiths
Vincent Van Gogh. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #VanGogh
Thom Yorke of Radiohead. (via IG - daniel_kickflip_tattooer) #Portraits #Celebrities #Flash #Radiohead #ThomYorke

Become a follower of Daniel by following him on Instagram. It's a decision you will not regret.

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