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Geometric and Illustrative Forearm Tattoos by Jason Carpino

Geometric and Illustrative Forearm Tattoos by Jason Carpino
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Mesmerizing blackwork bangers with a light touch.

Jason Carpino is a versatile visual artist who creates excellent blackwork as well as full-color tattoos. He uses a mixture of bold lines and subtle dotwork to create spectacular pieces of sacred geometry and intriguing illustrations, too. His work is remarkable for both its intricacy. Each one of his exquisitely executed designs is highly ornamented, perfectly balanced, and absolutely breathtaking. 

A lovely bedazzled mandala via Jason Carpino (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #mandala
A whimsical dotwork landscape by Jason Carpino (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #landscape
One of Jason Carpino's amazing light-handed mandalas (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #mandala

Carpino's blackwork geometry is all superb, but the most compelling of his tattoos in this ornamental genre of body art are the sacred ones. His mandalas are some of the best pieces in his portfolio. His illustrations of these spiritually charged emblems that represent the cosmos standout aesthetically because of the way he stylizes them. Sometimes he renders them so that they have a dreamcatcher-like appearance, as seen in the one with tiny jewels dangling from its bottom. Other times, they take on elemental vibes, like in the wavy pattern with a polyhedron at its centers or the triangular figure that seems as if its immersed in black flames.

A very wavy mandala with a polyhedron at its center via Jason Carpino (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #mandala #polyhedron
A fiery mandala from Jason Carpino's body of work (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #mandala
An incredible mixture of landscapes inside an hourglass by Jason Carpino (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #hourglass #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #landscapes
One of Jason Carpino's most abstract pieces of illustrative blackwork (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #cosmic #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative #UFO

His purely geometric pieces of blackwork are outstanding because of their complexity and precision, and his illustrative tattoos in this dark style are captivating. He renders all sorts of imagery using his signature combination of steady line work and carefully distributed stippling. Some of his pieces are representational, as exemplified by his delicate depiction of a seascape above. Speaking of landscapes, a significant amount of his body art features such scenes of nature. The hourglass containing a night-and-day reflection of the same mountain range, for example, shows how his works sometimes drifts into a more surreal headspace. Occasionally, his work is even highly abstracted, such as the tattoo featuring a UFO surrounded by a series of vectors as well as solar and lunar inversions of the sky. 

A wonderful piece of ornamental blackwork from Jason Carpino's portfolio (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative

A wonderful piece of ornamental blackwork from Jason Carpino's portfolio (IG—jcarpino). #blackwork #dotwork #JasonCarpino #geometric #illustrative

Should you be interested in seeing more of his wonderful blackwork, check out Carpino's Instagram. He works at Hudson Valley Tattoo Company in Wappingers Falls, NY if you want a forearm tattoo of your own.

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