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Get Ready for The Art Tattoo Show Montreal 2017

Get Ready for The Art Tattoo Show Montreal 2017
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Over 200 of the world's best tattooists will be in Montreal over the weekend for this awe-inspiring convention.

Pack your bags and brush up on your French, boys and girls, we’re headed north of the border to Canada for the Art Tattoo Show Montreal! A incredibly talented lineup of over 200 tattoo artists will flock to historic Windsor Station this upcoming weekend. We’ve gone over the roster and are going to highlight some of our favorite artists that will be appearing at the convention. For those of you lucky enough to be in Montreal this weekend this will serve as a primer to get you ready, for the rest of us it will be a reminder of what we are missing.

Fibs (Via IG - fibs_)
Dragon by Henning Jorgensen. (Via IG - henning_royaltattoo)
A bold and colorful chest peice by Henrik Grysbjerg. (Via IG - henriktattoo)

Presented by Pierre Chapelan and the folks at Montreal’s Studio TattooMania, the convention is a celebration of every single tattoo style and the diversity is part of what makes it such a special gathering. From Montreal’s own Lydia Marier’s minimalist blackwork to Onnie O’Leary’s brightly colored erotic pin ups, there’s a little something to suit everyone’s taste. If black and grey your jam? Zac Scheinbaum’s got you covered. Is traditional Japanese more your style? Tattoodo ambassador Henning Jorgensen is making the trip over from Denmark. Looking to get the name of a loved one tattooed in beautiful script? Norm’s graffiti inspired lettering is sure to please.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Lyrdia Marier's minimalistic blackwork. (Via IG - lmariera)
Somebody played the Most Dangerous Game with Myles Karr, and won! (Via IG - myleskarr)
Beautifully styled lettering by Norm. (Via IG - normloveletters)
Onnie O'Leary's color palette is immediately recognizable. (Via IG - onnieolearytattoo)
A truly unique design by Rich Phipson. (Via IG - richphipson)
An octopus in a bottle by Sketchy Lawyer. (Via IG - sketchylawyer)
Steve Byrne's crazy take on traditional. (Via IG - steve_byrne_tattoo)
Gorgeous black and grey by Zac Scheinbaum. (Via IG - zacscheinbaum)

Are you still sitting there? What are you doing? Get up, get packed, grab that passport, and get your ass to Montreal! The Art Tattoo Show Montreal takes place on September 8, 9, and 10th at Windsor Station.

Written byTattoodo

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