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Go Big or Go Home: Huge Chest Pieces by Lawrence Edwards

Go Big or Go Home: Huge Chest Pieces by Lawrence Edwards
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Unexpectedly detailed and deliciously dark, these giant chest tattoos are going to rock your world.

Black line work is fucking rad because the textures and shapes are entirely composed of detailed, directional, flowing lines and dots that draw the eye in. Artists like Lawrence Edwards use the tools at his disposal to create art works of incredible depth, and these huge, bold, fantastic chest pieces are a testament to the power of black work.

Chest work is fucking beautiful when done right, because it's one of those tender places that when some cutie is wearing a tank top, you can see their commitment to their body art. Besides the fact that this art is being done right above the heart, on sternums and other ow-that-was-hard-to-endure places on the pecs and rib cage.

Awesome ram skull with ornate decoration, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards
Gorgeous cactus with embellishments, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards

The absence or presence of light determines how we see objects. To be art nerdy about it, a light source is what gives the real shape and depth to a piece. Edwards is an artist who knows his light source. By using his line weight and his stippling to convey darkness and light, he's giving his subjects shape and form. It's a classic look: his tattoos look like illustration work lifted from old school botany books.

Born to Blossom Bloom to Perish, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards
The light in me sees the light in you, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards

What's also so fun is that Edwards clearly has his own sense of style within this style. A pass through his Instagram gives a clear sense of his hand in each of his pieces. It's possible, sometimes, for an artist to get eclipsed by the style they're known for. Edwards surpasses his.

Crafting a chest tattoo is also a fun anatomical challenge — the art needs to lay on both bone and muscle, and sometimes there are those pesky breasts to consider. It's a dynamic area, and a well-crafted design will hold up in all sorts of poses.

A cute fox licks her lips while gazing out at us, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards
Beautiful lady head chest piece, smoking a cig, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards
Bunnies!!! Crystal magic with cute bunny friends, by Lawrence Edwards (via IG—feraleyes) #chestpiece #pointillism #dotwork #blacktattooing #lawrenceedwards

Lawrence Edwards is a traveling man, so you're gonna have to swing by his Instagram to see where you can find him next. Go get yourself a big piece too — you'll have plenty of details and designs to stare at and discover new things about for the rest of yer life.

Hateful Kate
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