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Graphic Black & Grey Realism Tattoos by Levi Barnett

Graphic Black & Grey Realism Tattoos by Levi Barnett

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Melbourne, Australia has some of the best realism tattoo artists, and Levi Barnett is one of them.

You don't need to take an overseas trip for a badass black and grey tattooer because there's one right here in Melbourne and it's Levi Barnett. Barnett's high contrast pieces will make any black and grey tattoo enthusiast weak at the knees. 

Alice Cooper portrait by Levi Barnett. #realism #blackandgrey #LeviBarnett #portrait #AliceCooper

His portrait tattoos are second to none and the eyes of the animals are so full of life. The addition, small amounts of white ink detail added on to his black and grey tattoos makes such a dramatic impact. The detailed work on the Star Wars piece and the zipper almost make them appear as though they're truly made of metal - not an easy feat to achieve. 

Old school diving helmet by Levi Barnett. #realism #blackandgrey #LeviBarnett #helmet #divinghelmet

The obligatory skull and rose tattoos are here too, but they're not just ordinary skulls and roses. There's an incredible softness to the rose's petals, and the dimension and texture in the skull is something which other tattooers should take note of. Named one of Australia's best black and grey realism tattoo artists, Levi Barnett's tattoos have to be seen to be believed. 

For more black and grey realism: 

Black and grey owls by Levi Barnett. #realism #blackandgrey #LeviBarnett #bird #owl

All images via Instagram

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Stacie Mayer
Written byStacie Mayer

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