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Greenpoint Tattoo Co. — The Chillest Shop in Brooklyn

Greenpoint Tattoo Co. — The Chillest Shop in Brooklyn
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In this edition of our Tattoodo Guide to NYC Shops, we visit a parlor full of traditional mastery.

Greenpoint Tattoo Co. (GTC) is a sight for sore eyes given the residential corner in Brooklyn on which it’s nestled, making the drab grey apartments above less dreary with its bright baby-blue sign, wide windows, and polished wooden exterior. With walls covered in phenomenal art of all styles and a welcoming staff, you know from the second you enter GTC that you will be walking out with some killer body art. “We’ll work with any client,” says shop owner, John Reardon. “But I’d say our shop majors in Japanese and traditional tattoos and minors in everything else.”

Greenpoint Tattoo Co.'s vintage saloon doors (IG—greenpointtattooco). #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops

Greenpoint Tattoo Co.'s vintage saloon doors (IG—greenpointtattooco). #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops

Shop Overview 

A shot of the floor at Greenpoint Tattoo Co. (IG—greenpointtattooco). #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops

A shot of the floor at Greenpoint Tattoo Co. (IG—greenpointtattooco). #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops

Reardon is a longtime veteran and has experience tattooing in just about every style, but his current passion is definitely working in large scale in the Japanese style. All it takes is one look at his amazing prints to see that his devotion to the style has paid off.

John Reardon, the owner of Greenpoint Tattoo Co. (IG—johnreardontattoos). #GreenpointTattooCo #JohnReardon #NYCtattooshops
One of John Reardon's amazing large scale Japanese pieces in progress (IG—johnreardontattoos). #eagle #GreenpointTattooCo #Japanese #JohnReardon #NYCtattooshops #snake

Like Reardon, Chuck Donoghue is one of the shop's most experienced and versatile artists, but his forte is traditional tattoos. Whether bangers or huge back-pieces, the body art that he creates tends to be bold, bright, and full of detail. In short, his work is intense as hell.

Chuck Donoghue just hanging out with Ed Hardy (IG—chuckdtattoos). #ChuckDonoghue #EdHardy #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops
A kickass tattoo of a clipper bordered by an anchor via Chuck Donoghue (IG—chuckdtattoos). #anchor #clipper #ChuckDonoghue #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops #traditional

Jason Ochoa sets himself apart from his colleagues with the weirdness of his twist on the traditional. He takes common motifs and injects them with his signature strain of strangeness. His portfolio illustrates how traditional is at its best when really bizarre.

Jason Ochoa sitting outside smoking (IG—jason__ochoa). #GreenpointTattooCo #JasonOchoa #NYCtattooshops
Some of Jason Ochoa's traditional weirdness (IG—jason__ochoa). #bizarre #GreenpointTattooCo #JasonOchoa #NYCtattooshops #traditional

Other notable artists who work there are Franco Maldonado, Ryan Mettz, Will Sheldon, and Matt Bivetto, each of whom excel at the traditional style and also bring their own stylistic skill sets to the table at GTC. Be sure to check their portfolios out as well.

A badass blackwork Heikegani by Franco Maldonado (IG— #blackwork #FrancoMaldonado #GreenpointTattooCo #Heikegani #NYCtattooshops
A witchy nude pinup by Ryan Mettz (IG—ryanmettz). #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops #pinup #RyanMettz #traditional #witch
An adorable little daisy via Will Sheldon (IG—willsheldon). #daisy #GreenpointTattooCo #NYCtattooshops #WillSheldon
A furry demon by Matt Bivetto (IG—mattbivetto). #demon #GreenpointTattooCo #MattBivetto #NYCtattooshops #traditional

The Nitty Gritty Details

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