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Horror Tattoos for Friday the 13th: Serial Killers and Scream Queens

Horror Tattoos for Friday the 13th: Serial Killers and Scream Queens
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Horror tattoos are a perfect way to celebrate Friday the 13th, considering this is the name of one of our fave scream inducing flicks!

Friday the 13th is not only one of our favorite flash days of the year, it's also the name of our favorite scream inducing flick featuring Jason what other way would we celebrate today than by bringing together horror tattoos filled with grim gore and beasts feasting on blood? By binging on YouTube videos that show all the best moments from movies like IT, The Shining, Evil Dead, House of a 1000 know! All those cringe worthy, edge of your seat, nail biting movie moments that make you squirm and scream in all the right kind of ways.

So, obviously, there are tons of different types of horror tattoos, many different levels of dark art, and fear...that's part of it, isn't it? Many of these pieces are based off of films, books, legends, stories, or concepts that are brought out and birthed from the depths of our greatest fears. And humans are certainly scared of a lot of things. Some people like the typical cliched ghost stories where things pop out of the darkness, others like brains, blood, and gore...and even others like thrillers that focus more on our psychological fears than anything else. Let's face it, some people find clowns and zombies scary, where as other people think the scariest thing that could ever happen is dying alone in your apartment and no one finding you for three weeks, until your cats have eaten your flesh and the smell of decomposition is finally what get's your dearly departed self noticed. To each their own, right?

We found a lot of vampires in this particular horror tattoo collection, but that's something that never goes out of style. Usually vampires are super sexy, preying on humans with a lusty animalistic sex appeal until their wooed into a submissive state that makes sucking blood a bit easier. Then there's Pennywise from IT, who people freakin' love to get tattooed on themselves...and don't get us wrong...we loved Tim Curry, and Bill Skarsgard blows are mind (how could someone so cute, get to such f***ed up depths?)...but we can't really imagine having one of these ultra hyperrealist horror tattoos peaking out from under our bed sheets. Not in the dark, and certainly not in the morning when we haven't had our coffee yet. Especially not Pennywise...that scene where you see the deadlights and the rows of teeth and hear the screams? Yeah, we'd go catatonic too. By the way...did you know there's actually a real clown parents can hire to terrify their kids? His name is Wrinkles.

Of course, we also had to include some classic Hollywood scream queens...and although we realize that means actresses who have worked on so many horror flicks, that they're almost wholly associated with that particular genre. But in this case, we pulled some of the crowning glories of Hollywood horrors: Vincent Price and The Shining. The Shining's creepy scenes may seem dated now, but what really still gets us about this isn't just the blood, murder, and ghosts. It's the psychological undertones: going so crazy that you'd kill your own family. Anyway, horror movie tattoos are another total go to for this style. 
We're actually really excited for the new take on this, "Doctor Sleep"'s always nice to see Ewan McGregor pop up in these characters that you'd never expect, but it's also going to be really interesting to see the continuation of the story. Actually, it seems like Stephen King has inspired more horror tattoos than anyone, ever. Like...what does that guy actually DO?! He's a never ending pool of depravity, death, and mind boggling evil. We'd love to know what freaks Stephen King, if IT feeds on your innermost fears, what would IT look like to Stephen King? Any ideas? Drop us a line at or upload your favorite horror tattoo to our app! We always love to see your ink!

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