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It’s Always Thursday Night At 8 With A Friends Tattoo

It’s Always Thursday Night At 8 With A Friends Tattoo
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The specter of Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel still haunts us in tattoo form.

In September of 1994, NBC did America a great intellectual disservice and lowered the bar for popular culture by releasing the hit sitcom Friends upon the world, much in the way a disgruntled biologist would release anthrax spores unto the general populace.

Just in case you don't know what this is a reference to (which I do not), they put the show's logo above the piece to let you know. #friends
These two are friends. Get it? It works on two levels, like a lot of the unfunny jokes in Friends were trying to do. #friends
Man, white people. Am I right? (via IG -- roosterdean)
Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit (via IG -- cadaver0usly)
I get that everything in this piece is a reference to Friends, but I'm super happy I don't actually get them. By Daniel Trainor (via IG -- danieltrainorart) #danieltrainor #friends #penguin #turkey
I also don't get this reference, thank God. By Nate Corder. (via IG -- natecordertattoo) #natecorder #friends #coffee #pivot
Even NBA superstar Kyrie Irving has a fucking Friends tattoo. What in the actual fuck? #kyrieirving #friends

Beauty is, sadly, in the eye of the beholder, and countless thousands, if not millions of Americans consider Friends to be the TV show to end all TV shows. That’s fine, it’s their prerogative. But some have definitely taken things too far…

Servo Jefferson
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