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Karlee Sabrina's Stunning Black and Grey Realism Tattoos

Karlee Sabrina's Stunning Black and Grey Realism Tattoos
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You don't need color to create a beautiful tattoo.

Working with the likes of Teneile Napoli and Miss Kimberley at Garage Ink in Queensland, Karlee Sabrina is yet another talented black and grey realism tattooer from Australia.

Galaxy woman black and grey tattoo by Karlee Sabrina. #realism #blackandgrey #galaxy #woman #stairs #KarleeSabrina

There's just something so classically beautiful about a woman in black and grey. From the iconic Marilyn Monroe to a woman's face created from her own imagination, Karlee Sabrina brings these ladies to life, creating pieces which will only look even more beautiful in years to come. 

But, like any talented artist, Karlee is just as capable to tattoo portraits of the guys from Jackass, a huge ship, or aggressive wolves in her signature black and grey style. 

Aussie black and grey realism artists are killing it. For more like this: 

Ship as part of a larger back piece project. Tattoo by Karlee Sabrina. #blackandgrey #realism #ship #backpiece #WIP #KarleeSabrina

All photos from Karlee Sabrina's Instagram

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