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Killer Hellraiser Tattoos To Adorn Your Mortal Flesh

Killer Hellraiser Tattoos To Adorn Your Mortal Flesh
Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

The classic horror movie Hellraiser has some iconic characters that fans love to get inked on their flesh.

If you are a fan of Clive Barker's masterpiece of terror Hellraiser and the dark realms of the cenobites like me then you are gonna love these fan tattoos. Hellraiser was the first real horror movie I saw as a kid thanks to my big sister's very responsible babysitting skills. (You know what I mean Chrissy...) Seeing the cenobites back then both terrified and amazed me and probably the reason why I became such a fan of the macabre.

The first three movies for me are masterpieces and lately I've been dreaming of a dark and twisted tattoo featuring my fave cenobites Pinhead and the Chatterer demon and I'd love to include the Lament Configuration puzzle in there too. So, doing some research I came across some killer fan tattoos that I want to share with you Hellraiser fans today. Maybe you will get some inspiration for one of your own...remember what Pinhead said to JP Monroe..."Imagine a world of the body as canvas. The body as clay. Your will and mine as the brush and the knife." Oh, I have such sights to show you...check these tattoos out!

Sarah Calavera
Written bySarah Calavera

Skull obsessed tattoo fanatic, writer for Tattoodo, voice actor and visual artist who loves metal and headbanging. Inspired by Neil Gaiman, Tool, horror & the macabre.

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