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Kyle Stacher's Stippled, Shaded, Simple-Yet-Detailed Blackwork

Kyle Stacher's Stippled, Shaded, Simple-Yet-Detailed Blackwork
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We spoke with the talented tattooist about how he got his start, his traditional influences and his love of Ariana Grande.

Kyle Stacher, based out of Hopeless Ink in Vancouver, Washington, is an illustrative force to be reckoned with. Tattooing for nine years, Stacher got his start by drawing on himself. Yes, you read that right. “I started getting tattooed at age 18, in 2005, and quickly realized they were expensive,” Stacher said. “So how do I get more while being so poor? Do them myself. Terrible idea. That being said I have a ton of shit awful tattoos and so do my very close friends. I later learned to appreciate tattooing for what it really is. A big fucking secret!”

Sistine Chapel reference with flowers, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher
Beautiful Greco-Roman Justice shoulder, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher

When asked about his tattoo influences, Stacher is firmly rooted in his community. “My influences these days are mainly my friends and coworkers that I've had throughout the years. Especially the guys at Hopeless Tattoo. They always want to be better than each other (in a healthy way) and it really pushes all of us," Stacher explained. "My greatest influences have to be from my best friend Lawrence Edwards who I couldn't have done this without, and my girlfriend Holly Susuki who has shown me that all you have to do is keep giving a shit and you'll kill it.”

Dreamcatcher, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher
Small floral piece, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher
Cobra with roses, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher

Stacher’s booking and planning process for custom pieces is a work in progress. He’s in high demand, so when his books are closed, he doesn’t tend to reply to emails. The backlog, coupled with the back and forth of planning and plotting, makes it so some of the details get lost. He always gets it together, however, it’s a learning curve. “That is literally me in the past being like ‘Hmmm, how can I fuck with myself in the future?’ So because of that I usually contact my appointments a couple days before their tattoo to have them once again tell me what they want and how they want it.”

Elephant with flowers, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher
Gorgeous blackwork animal skulls and leafs, by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher
Simple and detailed "necklace," by Kyle Stacher. (via IG—thiefhands) #blacktattooing #dotwork #kylestacher

Stacher works out of Hopeless Tattoo in Vancouver, Washington. Swing on over to his Instagram to see more of his incredible portfolio.

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