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Look Better Naked: Interview with Tattoo Legend Jacci Gresham

Look Better Naked: Interview with Tattoo Legend Jacci Gresham
Tattoo Artists5 min Read

In this interview with artist Jacci Gresham, we talk to the first black woman to tattoo and open a tattoo studio in America.

As someone who is an aspiring tattoo artist, the chance to interview the legend Jacci Gresham, a tattoo artist and shop owner in New Orleans, and hear her experience as a seasoned professional, will have an everlasting impression on me. Jacci has been working in the tattoo industry since the 1970’s. She is the first Black woman to start tattooing at that time and the first Black women to have her own tattoo studio in America.

How did you get into tattooing?

And what was your experience like being an African American woman in a white male dominated industry at that time?

Interesting. Can you talk about the history of your shop, and why you opened it in New Orleans? Because you’re from Flint, Michigan…

Yeah. And what do you think about the community of New Orleans?

Mermaid tattoo by Jacci Gresham #JacciGresham #aartaccenttattoosandpiercing

Yeah. Anything else you’d like to add?

Tann Parker
Written byTann Parker

Tattoo Consultant Founder of Ink the Diaspora: A platform that is for visibility of brown&dark skin folks who struggle to find representation 4 tattoos 📧:

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