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Mr. Bean Tattoos Speak Volumes of Love for One Who Does Not Speak

Mr. Bean Tattoos Speak Volumes of Love for One Who Does Not Speak
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The zany slapstick humor of Mr. Bean still endures two decades after the series’ end

Quick – what is the greatest single cultural export of the UK from the 1990s? Is it Oasis? The Spice Girls? Leatherface? Not even close. The answer is the lovable, bumbling mute, Mr. Bean. The popularity and staying power of this god of physical comedy is immeasurable and to this day his antics are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people the world over. In honor of the rare occurrence when the Brits actually manage to get something right, we’re taking a peep at some sweet Mr. Bean tattoos.

Mr Bean by John Nathan (via IG --john.nathan.714) #JohnNathan #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
Mr. Bean and sexy robot by Daniel Sorin (via IG -- shine_ink_tattoo_studio) #DanielSorin #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
Mr. Bean by Rafał Makarow (via IG -- tattoofestconvention) #RafałMakarow #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!? #mrbean #mrbeantattoo

Atkinson keeps Mr. Bean under tight wraps, having often claimed to retire him completely. Despite this, the character popped up in a few film just a few months ago. Sadly, Top Funny Comedian was only released in China. We can only speculate as to how many boatloads of money it cost producers to change Atkinson’s tune. We think it’s three.

Stick em up, punk! By Babyfaced Assassin (via IG -- babyfacedassassin123) #babyfacedassassin #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
Not creepy at all! By Justyna (via IG -- darkrosetattoo) #justyna #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
Mr. Bean by Du Souza (via IG -- #dusouza #mrbean #mrbeantattoo
I coulda Bean a contender (please credit me if you use my joke) By Margrethe Alice Sandvaer (via IG -- margrethe_x3mtattoo) #MargretheAliceSandvaer #mrbean #mrbeantattoo

We hope these Mr. Bean tattoos inspire you to revisit the series or check it out for the first time. It truly is one of the finest pieces of television ever produced anywhere in the world. Oh, watch Blackadder while you’re at it. And then get some Blackadder tattoos so we can write about them.

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