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Nine Bold, Traditional Bangers by Beau Brady

Nine Bold, Traditional Bangers by Beau Brady

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Beau Brady's bangers wow with their emboldened line work and hardy color.

A banger is engineered to be executed in a single session, much like a flash tattoo, except that a banger is a completely custom piece of art. This means that the artist is limited in terms of space but less so in creativity. Of the many tattoo artists who do bangers, few exemplify this potential for self-expression under the constraints of space and time more than Beau Brady. His American Traditional tattoos, each finished in a single sitting, defy the common assumption that quickly executed tattoos can't be utterly astounding.

As you can see from these examples, especially in Brady's jellyfish, bangers contain the potential to be beautiful, complex, and wholly original. His tattoos illustrate the fact that even when riffing off of classic motifs such as impaled hearts, snakes, and roses, the right artist can imbue such images with his or her own aesthetic sensibilities — line work, color palette, etc. — in order to make a stylistic mark on the genre. 

Lastly, the best thing about a banger is the relatively small time commitment on the behalf of the recipient and artist. Heck, if you went to a walk-in day at a parlor right now, you could likely have a new custom tattoo before sundown. If this sounds exciting and you happen to be near Tustin, California, visit Brady himself at Captured Tattoo and see if he has an opening. You can also follow his solid work on Instagram @beauxbrady.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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