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Nobody Puts Patrick Swayze Tattoos In a Corner

Nobody Puts Patrick Swayze Tattoos In a Corner
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“Ghost like Swayze” has taken on a very sad meaning these last 7 years.

Recently, after having been cut off by one of New Jersey’s finest drivers, I let loose one of my favorite insults, “I used to fuck guys like you in prison.” This was followed by immediate sadness as I realized that the man who spoke this glorious line is still dead. That’s right, today we’re talking Swayze. So let’s jump right into it with a look back at his fantastic career and, of course, some kickass Patrick Swayze tattoos.

Amazing Point Break piece #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
Patrick Swayze by Jay Wheeler (via IG -- jaywheelertattoos) #jaywheeler #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
Swayze by Brandon Whistler (via IG -- brandonwhistlertattoos) #brandonwhistler #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
Swayze portrait by Amanda Cancilla (via IG -- amandacancilla) #Amandacancilla #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo

In 1983 Swayze continued along his path to true stardom with a role in The Outsiders, followed next year by an appearance in Red Dawn. In 1987, he became a household name with the lead role in Dirty Dancing, a film which he was born to star in, given his dancing background.

Double Swayze on this lady's arm. By Otto Paananen (via IG -- ottleetattoo) #OttoPaananen #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
Amazing Point Break piece by Luke Reubelt (via IG -- lucas_blackarms) #lukereubelt #pointbreak #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
More Swayze (via IG -- theregoesthenight) #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo
Crazy for Swayze by Kaelyn Currow (via IG -- ka3lyn33) #KaelynCurrow #patrickswayze #patrickswayzetattoo

These Patrick Swayze tattoos are all beautiful memorials to one of Hollywood’s greatest (and, let’s face it, sexiest) actors. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss the fuck out of that dude. RIP Swayze.

Written byTattoodo

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