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Our Favorite Witches from Tattoodo's Halloween Season

Our Favorite Witches from Tattoodo's Halloween Season

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Here are some absolutely bewitching pieces of body art.

We've been featuring a slew of spooky tattoos in honor of Halloween's arrival, and some of the best of them have been of witches. Over the course of the last month, we've seen these enchanting ladies in a number of different styles, including traditional, realism, and more. Though all of them have been magical in their own right, we chose ten of the most bewitching illustrations of them to share with you, so prepare to be spellbound by this virtual coven of astounding witch tattoos.

We love the variety of styles in which artists have rendered these practitioners of black magic. We think they look almost too charming in illustrative dotwork, and we particularly enjoy when they seem to cast bolts of energy from their fingertips as seen in Valerie Vargas' and Ben Siebert's tattoos of these arcane ladies.

This soceress by Valerie Vargas (IG—valeriemodernclassic) is utterly enchanting. #color #sorceress #traditional #ValerVargas

Our favorite aspect of witch tattoos is that they often connote themes of mysterious feminine power. This allows artists to sometimes communicate staunchly feminist messages by depicting them as being burnt at the stake or conjuring up curses against those that reject them for their practice of witchcraft. In short, these Wicca pieces of body art full of symbolic potential and political agency as well. Some of them make us feel as if we could be turned to toads at any second.

Vic Vivid's (IG-vicvivid) Wicked Witch of the West seems to say, "I'm gonna get you and your little dog, too." #color #portraiture #VicVivid #WickedWitch #WizardofOz

We hope you found these witch tattoos as bewitching as we did. If you feel as if any of them put you under their spell, make sure to check out the Instagram of the artist who illustrate the entrancing lady and consider reaching out to him or her for your very own illustration of a witch.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

BA in Literary Studies from The New School. MFA in Creative Writing from NMSU. Staff Writer for Tattoodo. I love art, books, movies, music, and video games. Hit me up on Twitter @Powertonium

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