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Over the Moon for These Moon Tattoos!

Over the Moon for These Moon Tattoos!
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These beautiful moon tattoos perfectly capture that which lights up our night sky.

Big, bright, and a ball of white. These splendid moon tattoos capture our imaginations and our hearts as they illustrate one of natures most powerful phenomenon. The moon has inspired many a poem, song, legend and folk tale, which is no surprise! The night sky is a gorgeous thing that influences not only what humans create, but life on Earth itself. We gathered up this selection of moon tattoos for all those nature lovers, star gazers, and zodiac idolizers out there in hopes of sparking beautiful dreams and a need for new ink!

Perhaps you already know that on the moon you'd weigh about one sixth of what you weigh on Earth. This is due to its smaller gravitational pull...this is great news considering all of that holiday feast eating...but did you know that it has no atmosphere, and therefore no sound can be heard on its surface? It's also pretty wild that only 12 people have walked on the moon, and they've all been American males! We'd love to see some diversity up there as varied as these moon tattoos. Just check out how many different ways you can illustrate that big floating mass up there!

It's also worth noting that these moon tattoos hint at a long tradition of a human obsession with the lunar form. Legends about it span almost every country and culture...Perhaps the most famous Chinese moon folk tale is that of Chang'e, an immortal being who ended up trapped on the moon due to her greed and deceit. There are also stories about the Moon Rabbit, Chang'e's pet. Luna, or Selene, are the names of the Greek and Roman goddess who is paired with the god of the sun...she's seen as a symbol for desire and love. In Africa, Mawu is the moon god who loves the sun goddess Liza. It is said when there are lunar eclipses, this is the time of their celestial love making. Pretty incredible, huh?

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