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Panther Tattoos: Singin' Those Black Cat Blues

Panther Tattoos: Singin' Those Black Cat Blues
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We're not superstitious about black cats. They're way to cool for that. Just check out these panther tattoos for proof!

An iconic design within the traditional scene, panther tattoos are symbols of strength, secrecy, and slick witted power. Many people associate this luxurious jungle cat with grace, beauty, and strength...they've even been said to symbolize protection, especially within dreams. But regardless the associations, or reasons, why you would get a panther tattoo, we feel like this selection of pieces can inspire you to think a bit outside the box. Whether its a biomechanic feline like Gabriele Cardosis' or a sweet lady pin up with her own black panther back piece like Andrew Mongenas, each of these works of art on skin is slightly different in an imaginative way.

Believe it or not, the panther is actually three different types of big kitties. The first is a subspecies of the cougar, the other two are actually leopards or jaguars that have a pigment mutation causing their spots to be muted with black tones! Melanism is the name of this mutation, and only 6% of that population has it, making the sighting special indeed. And although you may think that most cats despise water, the black panther is a very strong swimmer, and tree climber. Often called the "ghost of the forest", these panther tattoos elude to the stealth and elegance of this animal for which it is known for.

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