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Pis Saro's 12 Gorgeous Floral Tattoo Placement Ideas For Women

Pis Saro's 12 Gorgeous Floral Tattoo Placement Ideas For Women
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Travelling tattoo artist Pis Saro will give all the ladies her best ideas coming from only the finest in her garden-inspired tattoos.

Hailing from the picturesque isles of Crimea, tattooist Pis Saro set out to capture the beauty of her peninsula through exquisite floral works artfully carved on mostly female clientele whom relished in her wondrous creations. In between travelling and learning about mother nature, Pis Saro designed tattoos worthy of camouflaging into the roots of nature. Check out the rest of her stunning tattoos and maybe spark up a tattoo idea for yourself. Better yet, sail for Pis Saro — wherever she may be soul-searching.

1. Collarbone

I had to pick one of the harshest spots ever, didn't I? But a collarbone tattoo can be a classy or a nasty spot depending on how hard you'll take it and which design you've got your eyes on. A floral piece like this one by Pis Saro gave the woman a nice, feminine touch that suggests she can handle all that pain with grace. It's not the same as devoting to a full chest piece but it's not exactly something that won't catch anybody's attention — just the right piece for the low-key adventurous lady.

2. Chestpiece

Now here's something bolder for the thrill-seeking flower child. And unless you're up for a blackout chest tattoo once you get bored with your old one, you better sleep on this for a while. But with chest pieces like Pis Saro's lovely designs, it's not as risky as getting lyrics or somebody's name on your chest. All you'll be left with is a stunning center piece that will have you blooming right in the center of the room's attention.

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3. Sideboob

These things are the cutest. Like the collarbone tattoo, it's not like committing to a full underboob tattoo but it doesn't mean it's not going to get ugly before it gets beautiful. If you're down for some peek-a-boo in those cute muscle tees, sideboob pieces are the best.

4. Underboob

Nothing gets as sexy and as stunning as Pis Saro's sternum tattoos. They're all the right sort of elegant and laid back — with not too many things at once going on.

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5. Spine line

Sometimes, a micro tattoo just won't cut it no matter how much of a minimalist or subtle tattoo lover you are. A simplistic, large-scale design can be a really bold statement.

6. Arm

Maybe you've got trauma scars and you simply want something else for people to look at when they see your arms. This is for you.

7. Arm band

7. Arm band 

8. Bracelet

Like the stylish arm band tattoo, dress this down and up. They may be there for life but on the plus side, you're never losing a cute ‘bracelet’ again.

9. Micro tattoo

Pis Saro is a true fine artist with her gorgeous floral designs and while her large-scale works are dazzling, her dainty micro tattoos are just as winning as the others. Big things do come in small packages.

10. Groin

But really though, some of the best tattoos are hidden in plain sight. (wink, wink)

11. Foot

Ask anyone who have gotten their feet done and they'll tell you it's the worst. Foot tattoos tend to fade faster than the usual tattoo, so it was wise of Pis Saro's clients to get them done with her designs as she doesn't toy around with dark outlines which tend to fade less sightly than most.

12. Anklet

Not much to be said about this particular work by Pis Saro except for the fact that it's both quite subtly stunning — just like the rest of her works!

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