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Plague Doctors and Iron Maidens: Medieval Tattoos

Plague Doctors and Iron Maidens: Medieval Tattoos
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We're gonna get medieval on your a**. Just kidding. Here's some fun Medieval Tattoos just for you.

The Medieval ages are known for many things...The Plague, really insane torture techniques, brutal crusades for Christianity, weird medical practices...the list goes on really. And although you would think that it's called the Dark Ages just because some really dark stuff was happening during that's actually because the Western Roman Empire had finally collapsed, sending Europe into a time of severe instability. In any case, it's a fascinating moment in human history, and some take their obsession to the skin: these medieval tattoos show that the Dark Ages can make for some really cool Dark Art.

Googling something like Medieval torture devices can produce a bevy of disturbing inventions. Just check out this collection of medieval tattoos for a few, including Matina Marinou's creepy Iron Maiden. You kinda hafta wonder why these terrible things were actually used, considering that the general consensus is that, if used for the purpose of extracting confession or information, the person being tortured will just say whatever it takes to make the pain stop. Which, obviously, makes sense. Another medieval tattoo that depicts torture in this collection is Duncan X's fire pit. Imagine being slow cooked over a big fire...alive. If we had the good fortune to choose our death, this certainly wouldn't be the first choice.

Say what you will about the "Dark Ages", but, as these medieval tattoos prove, and due to the fact that the the Middle Ages actually lasted from, roughly, 500 to 1500 AD, some really cool stuff happened. One of the coolest things about those times, however, is that although it is known for it's unstable and traumatic events, the end of the Middle Ages marks the beginning of the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. It just goes to show that through strife, there may come shine. Or something like that. Anyway, checkith out thine medieval tattoos, then, hither, go out yonder into thy world to witnessith the day whilst thou nevar forget that Tattoodo dost love you. 

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