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Prepare For The Next Raid With History's Vikings Tattoos!

Prepare For The Next Raid With History's Vikings Tattoos!
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Fans can't lie, and History's TV serie Vikings is one of the most popular show of the moment.

Vikings tattoos are the obvious side effect of this craze, and they won't deceive you... The TV show is centered on Ragnar Lothbrok, an ambitious warrior aiming for more power over the Vikings and foreign population. Inspired by stories and History, the serie shows a more accurate reality of our ancestors, especially when it comes to tattoos! Yes, almost all characters of Vikings are sporting Norse tattoos, designed according archeological documents. If Ragnar is a favorite when it comes to ink, his wife Lagertha is also popular. The blonde and tough beauty, played by superb actress Katheryn Winnick, is a powerful role model for women. Sexiness is also very high with the brother of Ragnar, Rollo, and witty Floki is also a coveted character. Their adventures are badass and epic, and the tattoos are imitating that perfectly. We will have to wait 2016 to see season 4, but meanwhile, you can enjoy these terrific Vikings tattoos...

Epic sleeve by Bastart!
Close-up on Ragnar's portrait by Bastart.
By Adam Knowles.
Powerful Lagertha by Carlos Torres...
A truly outstanding piece by Charly Huurman...
Floki tattoo by Craig Tilley.
Rad piece by Dani Martos...
Powerful tattoo by Dobi Slavov.
By Jay Muirhead.
By Kai Ree.
Bloody Ragnar by Murilo Oliveira.
Terrific Rollo by Raimo Marti!
Badass piece by Richard Artist Guy!
By Sarah Miller.
Gorgeous piece by Sergey Shanko.
Impressive leg piece by The Gaddfather Tattoo.
Cool Lagertha by Tom Hayes. Vikings tattoos
Great one by U-Gene.

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