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Sake's Superb Silhouettes of People and Body Parts

Sake's Superb Silhouettes of People and Body Parts
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Aside from making outstanding body art, this tattooist also creates breathtaking drawings and paintings.

Sake is a world-renown tattooist who has earned a reputation for creating realistic body art with radical graphic backgrounding, but he also produces an incredible amount of visual art. Some of his best pieces are his silhouette-based illustrations. He uses the forms of various figures as containers for a wide array of other imagery. Though all of his work is beautiful and complex, the most captivating of his paintings and drawings are the ones that feature the human body.  

A disembodied hand with a landscape inside of it by Sake (IG—sakestc). #fineart #hand #landscape #Sake #silhouettes
A devilish silhouette with a landscape and hot air balloons in its interior Sake (IG—sakestc). #devil #fineart #hotairballoons #landscape #Sake #silhouettes
An awesome portrait of a black woman with a forest inside of her afro by Sake (IG—sakestc). #afrocentric #fineart #landscape #Sake #silhouettes

Though all of these pieces are rendered solely in black, the dynamic graphic elements that Sake invests in them gives each piece a unique look. Some of his figures are filled with crosshatching while others are more densely shaded. He occasionally uses geometry to offset some of his strange imagery as well. The way that he splatters droplets all over and illustrates swirling lines around a few of his silhouettes is also exciting. It's mind-blowing how he achieves so many aesthetic effects while working in this monochromatic medium.  

One of Sake's surreal illustrations of hands (IG—sakestc). #fineart #hand #Sake #silhouettes #tree
A forest scene inside a smoking lady by Sake (IG—sakestc). #deer #fineart #landscape #Sake #silhouettes #woman

While the technical prowess of Sake's work is part of what makes his illustrations so eye-catching, it's the images that he puts inside of them that makes them profound. He squeezes entire landscapes into the silhouettes of human figures, and at other times, his pieces are more surreal in essence because of the esoteric symbols in their interiors. The way that the outlines of people and their appendages relate to the iconography that they encompass is captivating. What is one to make of a devil's head with a mountain range and hot air balloons inside of it or a disembodied hand made up of a kites string? In short, the often paradoxical nature of his designs is their most intriguing aspect. 

A surreal sihouette of Sake (IG—sakestc). #antlers #birds #fineart #locket #Sake #silhouettes
A hand made out of a kites string by Sake (IG—sakestc). #fineart #hand #kite #Sake #silhouettes
A ballerina with forest in her frame by Sake (IG—sakestc). #ballerina #fineart #landscape #Sake #silhouettes

To see more of Sake's exquisite illustrations as well as some of his outstanding body art, pay a visit to his Instagram. He owns and operates out of Sake Tattoo Crew in Chalandri, Greece should you want to get tattooed by him. 

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