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Scenes in Silhouettes by Sebastiano Perezzetta

Scenes in Silhouettes by Sebastiano Perezzetta
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It's amazing how Sebastiano Perezzetta captures landscapes in theses small dot-work silhouettes.

Sebastiano Perezzetta has combined two drastically different styles of illustration — silhouettes and landscapes — to create outstanding dot-work tattoos. Given the complex nature of landscapes and the simplicity of silhouettes, one would likely imagine that a balance couldn't be struck between the two, but Perezzetta's body art defies that notion. 

A quarter moon looming over the wilderness in this silhouette of a cat by Sebastiano Perezzetta (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta). #cat #landscapes #moon #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette #wilderness
Sebastiano Perezzetta's (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta) scene of a full moon over a forest in a silhouette of a howling wolf. #landscapes #moon #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette #wilderness #wolf
One of Sebastiano Perezzetta's (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta) howling wolf silhouettes. #landscapes #moon #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette #wilderness #wolf

Most of Perezzetta's silhouettes take the shape of animals, especially that of domestic cats and wolves. Also, most of the landscapes inside of these critters are of wildernesses, such as mountain ranges and dense forests. He does occasionally illustrate urban settings in them as well. Because of their fundamental darkness as silhouettes, each scene is a nighttime one, typically featuring a crescent or full moon. It's interesting how he uses an inverse of dots on negative space to create the semblance of stars, and it is also notable how he foregrounds trees and buildings by rendering them in solid black.

A tattoo design of Sebastiano Perezzetta's (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta) signature howling wolf silhouettes that encompasses a nighttime landscape. #landscapes #moon #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette #wilderness #wolf
A tattoo design of one of Sebastino Perezzetta's (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta) more surreal silhouettes. #city #landscapes #moon #romance #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette
The skyline of a city underneath a full moon inside this cat silhouette by Sebastiano Perezzetta (IG—sebastiano_perazzetta). #cat #city #landscapes #moon #SebastianoPerezzetta #silhouette

We hope you enjoyed looking at these lovely nighttime landscapes through Perezzetta's silhouettes. You can find more of his work on Instagram. He is apprenticing in Treviso, Italy, so if you want your very own scene in a silhouette and are in that part of the world, pay him a visit.

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