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Scooting Along With Some Cool Vespa Tattoos

Scooting Along With Some Cool Vespa Tattoos
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The undisputed king of motorized scooters gets a lot of tattoo love

Scooters are an incredibly stylish means of transportation. No, not Razor scooters, we’re talking fully motorized big kid scooters, the kind you’d see Audrey Hepburn zipping around the streets of Rome on. One company stands above all others in this field in regards to recognizability and coolness – Vespa. Their scooters have become nothing short of iconic, and when you’re the best in the business, you’re bound to attract some die-hard loyalty – the kind that produces sick Vespa tattoos.

Vespa tattoo by Angga Nugraha (via IG -- magicinkmagz) #AnggaNugraha #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Vespa by Chris Copping (via IG -- chris_copping_tattoo) #chriscopping #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Vespa tattoo by Franziska Ziska Faulstich (via IG -- franziska_faulstich_) #FranziskaZiskaFaulstich #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Go Vespa Go (via IG -- bully_bear) #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo

They christened this new motorized scooter with the name Vespa. Vespa means wasp in Italian, which makes no real sense to us, as these scooters are totally cool while wasps are way uncool. At first, these wasps sold slowly. The numbers picked up year after year, but it wasn’t until 1952 that the Vespa was catapulted into the mainstream consciousness, all thanks to Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck zipping around Rome in the film Roman Holiday.

Vespa by Jose Vidal (via IG -- el.monky) #JoseVidal #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Isaac Dunn did this sweet Vespa (via IG -- blackorchidtattoo) #isaacdunn #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Vespa by Texola Voneville (via IG -- texolavondiablo) #TexolaVoneville #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo
Vespa means wasp. Get it? By (via IG -- mimoza81) #MihaelaFlorea #vespa #vespatattoo #scooter #scootertattoo

Don’t these Vespa tattoos just make you want to ditch your car and zip around the city streets in style? We say go for it, but don’t forget a helmet.

Servo Jefferson
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