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SESSIONS: Danny Orellana's Fine Line Black & Grey

SESSIONS: Danny Orellana's Fine Line Black & Grey
TattoodoTV1 min Read

We visit one of the oldest shops in NYC to watch Orellana create a fine line black and grey masterpiece.

Working out of one of New York City’s oldest tattoo shops, Fineline Tattoo, Danny Orellana is making a name for himself thanks to his work in fine line black and grey. In this episode of SESSIONS we watch as Orellana riffs on the classic motif of a snake wrapped around a rose.

Born in Ecuador and now living in New York City, Orellana has been perfecting his style for a decade. Giving the throwback nature of his tattoos, it’s hard to imagine him finding a more perfect home than Fineline Tattoo.

Skull and dagger by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)
Badass reaper by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)
Landscape by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)
Dragon by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)
Skull by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)
Flower by Danny Orellana. (Via IG -doesntmatter______)

Be sure to follow Danny Orellana’s work on his Instagram. And if you are looking to get a classic fine line black and grey tattoo of your own, make sure to visit Fineline Tattoo.  

Written byTattoodo

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