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SESSIONS: Guy Waisman Tattoos a Mandala-Inspired Design

SESSIONS: Guy Waisman Tattoos a Mandala-Inspired Design

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Up close and personal with one of NYC's leading practitioners of dotwork tattooing.

Out on the dividing line between the chaos of Canal street and the bougiest blocks of SoHo, you might stumble across a beautiful storefront gilded in golden lettering — the new (and improved) home of Ami James and Chris Garver's Love Hate Social Club.  

Guy Waisman. (photo courtesy of Lani Lee) #guywaisman #tattooartist #lovehatesocialclub #nyctattoo

Today he has an appointment with a first-timer whose husband has been tattooed by Waisman previously. She wants a mandala on her forearm. 

Mandala made by Guy Waisman at Love Hate Social Club. #guywaisman #mandala #lovehatesocialclub #tattooartist

Guy Waisman stops for a chat with his client. (photo by Jessica Paige) #guywaisman #tattooartist #nyctattoo #lovehatesocialclub

After receiving his first tattoo in his hometown at the ripe young age of sixteen (the legal age in Israel), Guy was hooked. He knew then and there he wanted to be a tattoo artist. Not long after, he began experimenting with the craft on himself, and eventually, other people. Practice led him to his first formal apprenticeship.

Two years into that apprenticeship, Guy felt he was going nowhere real fast and severed ties with that shop to be a piercer at Psycho Tattoo in Tel Aviv. It was there he received that first tattoo at sixteen, by shop owner Avi Vanunu. Guy knew piercing wasn’t the be-all-end-all, but he took the job to get a foot in the door. That foot-in-the-door lasted roughly four years, but the path was clear and he had patience. Eventually he would earn an apprenticeship with Avi, who helped shape the building blocks of his career.

Decorative skull with Geometric details by Guy Waisman. #guywaisman #tattooartist #nyctattoo #lovehatesocialclub #skull #mandala #dotwork

From day one, Waisman knew what he liked. Black tattoos and geometric shapes. Alex Binnie and Xed LeHead were his main influence in styling shapes and dotwork. The texture, coupled with the precise care it took to apply made Guy feel he could take his time and perfect his designs with this method. Claus Fuhrman was his biggest inspiration for learning how to get "deep into the details." A strong background in graphic design also lent itself well to the equation.

Working in the rigidity and perfection that is the geometric style has its restraints, but Guy's hand comes through. "Other people will see your tattoos and see that there is something that is coming back all the time," he says. "That’s how they recognize it’s your tattoo. It could be in the spacing between lines. But it’s something you do naturally, because of the way you see things.”

Guy accepts appointments and walk-ins full-time at Love Hate Social Club. Find him on Instagram here.

Jessica Paige
Written byJessica Paige

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