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SESSIONS: Mike Attack's Grotesque Traditional Tattoos

SESSIONS: Mike Attack's Grotesque Traditional Tattoos

TattoodoTV1 min Read

Inspired by ‘80s skateboard graphics as much as Ed Hardy, Mike Attack gives the American Traditional style a wacky twist.

Describing the tattoo you are about to see as “nightmare fuel” would be a gross understatement, but that’s exactly what tattooer Mike Attack was going for. It’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying than a skull — reminiscent of skateboard company Powell-Peralta’s iconic mascot — with spider legs, demonic eyes, a serpent’s tongue, and blood splattered teeth chasing you.

Living and working in New York City exposes a person to the seedier elements of life. Simply put, there is so much weird shit going on all around you at all times, it can often be a little much to take in. But like his predecessors, Attack uses the strange and unusual as a muse. “Sometimes if I’m drawing a demon head, I’ll look at someone I feel is horribly grotesque on the subway, like a crackhead or something,” Attack says. “I’ll take some of their facial features and just warp it, just take it a step further.”

Be sure to check out Mike Attack’s latest work on his Tattoodo profile and his Instagram to see his latest wacky creations.

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