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SESSIONS: Tron's Queer Punk Pride

SESSIONS: Tron's Queer Punk Pride

Tattoo Artists2 min Read

East River resident artist Tron meshes her tattooing with her passion for queer DIY culture

June is Pride Month, officially, but for tattoo artist Tron, queer pride comes in more forms than a socially-mandated calendar month and a sparkly parade. Leveraging her talents for good, Tron’s created an entire flash sheet dedicated to Queer Pride, with all proceeds going to a non-profit that works with homeless LGBTQ youth.

“I’m inspired by punk, DIY aesthetics, old school flash, and I do my own twist to it,” says Tron, who’s been tattooing for a little over 6 years. You can see all those elements throughout Tron’s work — her other flash, for instance, might feature a coffee mug with steaming coffee, bold-will-hold lines, and a Descendents logo. The mash-up of punk and traditional tattooing is a happy marriage, and Tron knows how to fuse it right.

Written byTattoodo

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