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Set Sail With These 8 Viking Ship Tattoos!

Set Sail With These 8 Viking Ship Tattoos!
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A strong and inspiring design viking ship tattoos will have you heading for the open waters in no time!

The Vikings are renowned for the adventures and exploration of far off lands and uncharted waters, all of which occurred on the back of the mighty Viking ship. Characterized by their slender shape, flexibility and symmetrical ends Viking ships were built to sail the waters of rivers, coastlines and fjords. Some larger vessels however were built to sail the open waters of the ocean and reach far away lands. Commonly built to serve as either a warship or merchant vessel the Viking ship could perform each function equally well.

Although small than many other classic ships Viking ships sailed across the worlds water ways and oceans and reached the shores of Newfoundland, the Faroe Islands and even parts of Africa.

Viking ship tattoos pay tribute to and capture the essence of these legendary vessels and are an awesome tattoo choice for any Viking enthusiasts. Whether done in a traditional style or a realistic black and grey Viking ship tattoos are just badass and look awesome.

Viking Ship Tattoo by Jay Purdy
Viking Ship in watercolors by Kairy-Ma
Viking Ship Tattoo by Ryan Riley
Viking Ship Tattoo by Miabara Tattoo
Beautiful backpiece by Sway Tattooer and Jemma Jones
Viking Ship Tattoo by Heath Nock
Black and white by U-Gene
Viking Ship Tattoo by Vesko Kostov

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

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