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Showstoppin' Job Stoppers: Splendid Neck Tattoos

Showstoppin' Job Stoppers: Splendid Neck Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These incredible neck tattoos may inspire you to finally take the jump yourself!

Just like our chest tattoo collection from last week, this collection of neck tattoos focuses on one of the most obvious places to get a piece done. Although there was a time when many people would cover every inch of their body except their hands and neck, now it seems that neck tattoos are one of the first things people are interested in getting covered. We're not sure how to explain this...perhaps it's an overwhelming devotion to tattooing the makes people jump the gun on obvious ink from the get go? Regardless of what it is, we couldn't be more stoked...

Not only does this "trend" of neck tattoos mean that theres more art for us to ogle, believe it or not, the many people getting job stoppers, hand and neck tattoos, means more of a push towards tattoos being societally accepted and approved of. This is so important! Not only does it mean everyone will be free to express themselves in any inky way they like, but it also means that certain aspect of cultural artistry will be more respected and therefore more likely to be preserved.

In our Guide sections you'll find a few histories of certain styles laid out...and many of them talk about certain aspects of ancient tattooing that have been forgotten because people didn't agree with, or appreciate them. It's so essential to the future health of the tattooing community to let culture and growth flourish! So while you check out these neck tattoos, we hope you're inspired and want to support the industry in your own way...whether it be by showing your pride with sweet neck ink, or just being an ally for the artists and collectors whose lives are devoted to this art form. No matter what, we're glad you're here!

Written byTattoodo

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