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Snail Tattoos Because They are Seriously Fascinating Lil' Creatures

Snail Tattoos Because They are Seriously Fascinating Lil' Creatures
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This collection of snail tattoos includes many different styles and ideas to depict this wonder of the natural world.

If you like snail tattoos, and have one yourself, we're hoping you know everything about these lil guys, because they are, in fact, some of the most bizarre creatures in the natural world. They aren't just cute, weird, kind of gross, surreal, and strange...they're also totally fascinating. Just as there are a million different ways to depict anything with the tattoo art form, these snail tattoos are perfect because we hope they inspire your future dream piece. Researching tattoo ideas is a great way to figure out what you want your new ink to look like...and if you like freaky lil animals, then you've come to the right place.

Snails, and slugs, aren't actually insects. They belong to the family of Mollusca, which is closer in relation to squids, scallops, and oysters. Snails also do not have ears...but their sense of smell is highly developed. And not all of them are tiny! African Land Snails, Achatina fulica, can reach up to 15 inches long...some people even keep them as pets. Unfortunately they're actually illegal in the United States because they can literally eat through plaster walls. Oddly enough, their ooze also may contain a parasite that's harmful to humans...which is a bummer because they're strangely cute. There's also the massive ocean living Charonia tritonis, more commonly known as Triton's Trumpet, which can reach up to two feet of shell length. Holy Moly!! They're also known to really love nibbling on snails, and can easily take them down with their venom. If that doesn't inspire some seriously sick snail tattoos we don't know what will...

But perhaps, if you're the type to fly your freak flag in public and want to have a super weird snail tattoo, the other fascinating thing about these slime infested friends is, indeed, their mating habits. You may have heard that escargot is an aphrodisiac...why the hell would that be? So, get this: some snails actually have a sex organ that is made of a hard calcium. They've been called "love darts" and they'll stab their mate with them in order to reproduce. Talk about some serious BDSM...but these love darts have actually been argued to be the inspiration behind cupid's arrows! "Snails are hermaphrodites, and both individuals receive sperm during mating" which is carried by these weird darts..."in earlier times, people believed that these snot rockets were gifts of calcium or were an aphrodisiac, and McGill University’s Ron Chase argues that this might the inspiration behind Cupid’s desire-inducing quiver." Which may also explain why so many snails tattoo are Shunga inspired...these lil guys are totes pervy.

If you'd like to know more about the weird n sexy habits of snails, we suggest you check out the 2008 short films series, Isabella Rossillini produced, wrote, directed, and starred in called "Green Porno", which was basically a hilarious educational short film set about animals. It focused, as you may gather from the name, on the sexual habits of certain creatures including dolphins, dragonflies, and, of course, snails! Again, you never know where the inspiration for your new snail tattoo may come from...our insane archive can help, as can really weird films. Thanks Isabella!

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