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Snake and Dragon Geometry with Sören Sangkuhl

Snake and Dragon Geometry with Sören Sangkuhl

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Tattoo artist Sören Sangkuhl talks about his new book with Kintaro Publishing and his devotion to creation.

In celebration of his new book, The Geometry Behind Snacks and Dragons, Sören Sangkuhl gave us some time to talk about how he got into tattooing, his views on what makes a great tattooer, and the beauty of large scale works that flow with the natural curves of a body.

Listen to the full interview with Sören Sangkuhl on the Tattoodo Podcast!

In his first book, Sören focused on Japanese Flora, and in this next instalment, nature is still his muse. This newest book, come to life with the help of Kintaro Publishing, focuses on snakes and dragons, but more precisely, the geometry behind their inherent grace. He explains further in the prologue of The Geometry Behind Snakes and Dragons, "Important to note is that the technical drawings are, in fact, not what I start out from. These were done after the sketch and final design - going backwards to precisely show the shapes they build upon, the essential lines they follow, the basic flow and finally, that few things about the design are coincidental."

Similar to his last book, Sören's goal was to create a physical reference for artists who are interested in this particular topic. He is also a great believe in sharing, educating, and openly giving information to support future generations. "This book was done to inspire and give a tool to anyone being interested in the subject of drawing snakes and dragons. Love what you do, live long and happy, be true to yourself, don't blame others, and pass on your keys."

To hear more about Sören, check out full interview with Sören Sangkuhl on the Tattoodo Podcast!

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