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Stop And Smell the Flowers with Aaron Springs

Stop And Smell the Flowers with Aaron Springs
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Springs' neo-traditional, colorful flora will brighten any day.

Some imagery is just time-tested and audience-approved. Sunsets, gorgeous ocean scenes, adorable kittens and puppies. Flowers, and depictions thereof, are some of the most traditionally loved icons on the planet. They span age and gender and race, and can exist in tattoos of horrifying and intense scenes, or be stand-out single tattoos on their own.

Aptly named Aaron Springs, based out of Red Dagger Tattoo in Houston, Texas, creates flowers for the ages. His neo-traditional approach and incredible sense of color gives his flower tattoos a pop and a twist all their own.

Springs' history of how he got into tattooing is an inspirational one. He struggled with school and authority, intermittently trying out tattooing in between jobs, until he found himself enrolled in the Police Academy. While at the Academy, Springs toiled his way through an Associates in Business Management, and worked as a reserve police officer while he finished his degree. Community wins out in Springs' story — his connection to now-shuttered TattZoo in Texas enabled him to come back to tattooing amid all the job strife — and he was able to dedicate himself to his craft.

Art careers aren't linear, despite what made-for-tv movies want you to believe. Folks don't decide they're into a vocation or discover they're really excellent draftsmen and then go to school, get a job, rise to fame. Often working in the arts means your career looks more like a ball of yarn someone's untangling, rather than a slowly rising straight line leading to a break-out apex.

Springs' portfolio, and his flowers featured here, show what years of dedication despite hardship can amount to. His grasp of line work and color is solid, and his ability to make his subjects simply glow with life is solid. It conveys his strong understanding of the art form, but also shows Springs' power of observation and attention to detail. Each petal on every flower has its own curve, form, and depth, and that makes it seem like we can just fall right into his floral depictions.

Pretty in purple, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Multiple purple roses, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Pink rose glistening, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Yellow and pink rose simply glowing, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Blue hues standing out against yellow, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Soft color meets hard lines, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Pink rose, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
White rose draping beautifully, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Sunflower, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Pink rose, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings
Gorgeous glowing flower, by Aaron Springs (via IG—aaron_springs) #neotraditional #colorwork #floral #flowers #AaronSprings

Head on over to Springs' Instagram to see his full body of work, or check out his website to scope out his shop. Red Dagger Tattoo has a great line-up; you could easily fill your whole body with the range of work there.

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