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Striking And Bold Geometric Tattoos By Jessica Svartvit

Striking And Bold Geometric Tattoos By Jessica Svartvit
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Bright colours and thick, bold, black line-work makes Jessica Svartvit's tattoos stand out from the crowd.

By mingling illustrative and geometric elements together and a splash of color here and there, Jessica Svartvit is challenging the conventions surrounding blackwork tattoos. Each of her compositions contains bold as well as fine linework, measured stippling, and a rich array of patterning. Though her work is exceedingly complex, it's perfectly executed and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Flamingo tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #flamingo #JessicaSvartvit #flowers
Dog tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #dog #JessicaSvartvit #heart

What makes Svartvit's work stand out from the crowd is how she fuses together so many different techniques into each tattoo. In any given composition of hers, you will find bold silhouettes, just the right amount of crosshatching, meticulous pointillism, a charming central figure, rich geometric sequences, and bursts of vibrant color. All of these visually striking components make her pieces incredibly exciting to take in.

Mandala tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #mandala #JessicaSvartvit
Whale tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #whale #JessicaSvartvit

Svartvit's technical prowess as a tattooist comes across in all of her work. The exactitude with which she seamlessly unites such disparate modes of tattooing is a testament to her artistic expertise. Whether it's sacred geometry, a cute pet portrait, or sublime landscape, her level of control, eye for detail, and innovative imagination is evident in every piece she creates.

Darwin finch tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #bird #JessicaSvartvit
Bee tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #bee #JessicaSvartvit
Cat atronaut tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #cat #JessicaSvartvit
Anatomical hearr tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #heart #JessicaSvartvit
Fawn tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #deer #fawn #JessicaSvartvit
Bat tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #bat #JessicaSvartvit
Landscape scene tattoo by Jessica Svartvit #geometric #landscape #JessicaSvartvit

To get lost in the complexity of more of Svartvit's striking blackwork, visit her Instagram. She works at Rabauke Tattoo and Art in Neu-Ulm, Germany and can be contacted at for appointments. She also sells clothing screen printed with her custom designs, which can be purchased here.

Written byRebecca