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Stunning Black and Grey Realism by Nathan Hebert

Stunning Black and Grey Realism by Nathan Hebert
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If these were anymore lifelike, they'd goddamn defy reality.

All of Nathan Hebert's work is so realistic that it looks as if it literally lives on his clients' skin. Each one of his pieces of body art make us make a double-take to reassure ourselves that what we are looking at is a tattoo and not reality itself. His work is as mind-blowing as it is flawless.

An awesome portrait of Andre 3000 via Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #Andre3000 #blackandgrey #NathanHebert #portraiture #realism
A pristine and lovely black and grey rose from Nathan Hebert's portfolio (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #NathanHebert #realism #rose
A surreal mix of a woman's and tiger's faces by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #lady #NathanHebert #realism #tiger
A gorgeous depiction of a weeping lady from Nathan Hebert's body of work (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #NathanHebert #realism #weepinglady

Hebert uses varying degrees of darkness in his black and grey tattoos depending on each one's subject matter. For instance, his illustration of a weeping woman is very dark, bringing out the sorrowful theme of this piece of body art, while his depiction of Zeus is considerably lighter to give it a sculptural or statuesque appearance. In his portraits of animals, for example, you can see hundreds of strands of individual hairs. The way he folds petal after petal into his flowers also demonstrates just how meticulous and talented of a tattoo artist he is.

An amazing portrait of a pit bull via Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #NathanHebert #pitbull #realism
A mind-blowing illustration of a horse by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #horse #NathanHebert #realism
An amazing rendition of one of the famous photographs from the moon landing via Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #BuzzAldrin #blackandgrey #moonlanding #NathanHebert #realism
A lovely pair of flowers from Nathan Hebert's portfolio (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #flowers #NathanHebert #realism
A godly depiction of Zeus above Grecian ruins by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #NathanHebert #realism #Zeus
A fierce portrait of a leopard by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #leopard #NathanHebert #realism
A peaceful looking illustration of a Buddha statue via Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #Buddha #NathanHebert #realism

Hebert's skill as a black and grey tattooist enables him to grapple with a wide range of realistic motifs. He can do everything from picture-perfect celebrity portraiture, as seen in his depiction of Andre 3000, to literal photorealism in pieces like his rendition of the famous photograph of Buzz Aldrin on the moon. He also excels at creating religiously themed tattoos as well, which solemnly capture the reverence of their subject matter with their heavy hues. His illustrations of spiritual figures like the Buddha are equally divine. 

A pair of praying hands with a rosary above a white dove by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #Christian #dove #NathanHebert #prayer #realism #rosary

A pair of praying hands with a rosary above a white dove by Nathan Hebert (IG—nathanhebert). #blackandgrey #Christian #dove #NathanHebert #prayer #realism #rosary

If you want a realistic masterpiece of your own by Hebert, he works in Austin, TX and can be reached at, or should you just want to bask in the splendor of more of his superb tattoos, head on over to his Instagram.

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