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Summer Events: The 2016 Pagoda City Tattoo Fest

Summer Events: The 2016 Pagoda City Tattoo Fest
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The countdown begins as we near the opening weekend of the best tattoo convention on the East Coast!

With so many tattoo conventions taking place around the world, it is nearly impossible to keep tabs on them all. There are a select few, however, that remain on our radar and with that we'd like to introduce Pagoda City.

As expected, the caliber of talent being offered this year is impressive to say the least... but that's kind of their thing. Event organizers Justin Weatherholtz and Joe Johns have exquisite taste, and a no-bullshit approach to what they're putting on the table. You'd be hard-pressed to find mediocrity in the ranks of artists such as Mike Rubendall, Tim Hendricks, and Bob Tyrrell... to name a few.

Hannya Backpiece by Mike Rubendall, who will be attending the event. #PagodaCityTattooFest #MikeRubendall #Backpiece
A lovely Rose by Tim Hendricks, who will be tattooing at the convention. #PagodaCityTattooFest #TimHendricks #Rose #tattoofest
Portrait master Bob Tyrrell will be tattooing over the weekend at the #PagodaCityTattooFest #BobTyrrell #portrait #AxlRose

Pagoda will take place August 5, 6, & 7th at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Friday August 5th 1pm - 11pm $20 DAY PASS Saturday August 6th 12pm - 11pm $20 DAY PASS Sunday August 7th 12pm - 7pm $20 DAY PASS
Black and Grey Ganesha by fan fave Flo Nuttall. #PagodaCityTattooFest #FloNuttall #Ganesha #tattoofest
Details of a baddie by Valerie Vargas, who will be in attendance at the #PagodaCityTattooFest #Mahakala #ValerieVargas #tattoofest
A #BattleRoyale by Greggletron, who will also be tattooing at #PagodaCityTattooFest.
Just a casual example of what the Kings Avenue crew brings to the table. #Grez #PagodaCityTattooFest #Cobra #Sleeve #tattoofest

As Jim Morrison once said, "the time to hesitate is through". So break out that rainy day change and phone a friend, because if ever a road-trip was worthwhile it will be this August.

For a list of the entire roster of artists, and more info please visit the website of Pagoda City Tattoo Fest.

Jessica Paige
Written byJessica Paige

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