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Surreal, Trippy Work by the Indelible David Cote

Surreal, Trippy Work by the Indelible David Cote
Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Cote is known for his brightly colored tattoos that defy norms and boggle the mind.

David Cote, otherwise known as David Peyote, is known for his genre-breaking tattoos. Inspired by the likes of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, Cote's tattoos are bold, bright, and incredibly eye-catching. Cote has a tight use of black, utilizing it as an anchor in all of his work. This gives every tattoo a dark quality, but the content isn't always moody. Often, the darker tones give way to glowing iconography and gleaming uses of color, rendering his work with an overall hopeful feel. 

Surreal crow whispers into a man's ear, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
Surreal landscape, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy

Cote's work looks like the sort of art that Kurt Vonnegut would commission for a reprint of Cat's Cradle. Our eyes have plenty of places to move, as Cote guides us intentionally through each piece. His compositions play with our sense of space and depth, which is a feat for working on skin rather than a huge canvas.

Alien skyscape, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
More than what it seems, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
Landscape free-hand, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy

Moons cast shadows, rivers run orange, and stars disappear into fading, rainbow doorways. Even his landscapes have an otherworldly feel to them, but all seem to come from the same world. Cote has his own tattoo language, and the rules of the language apply across the board, even to his more straight-forward imagery.

Depth, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
Scene within a scene, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
A brightly silhouetted castle, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy
Surreal collage, by David Cote (via IG—thedavidcote) #DavidCote #Silhouette #Surreal #Trippy

Cote's Instagram is its own trippy ride. He also has an online store, if you wanted to put his art on your walls as well.