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Take Flight with These Watercolor Birds by Justin Nordine

Take Flight with These Watercolor Birds by Justin Nordine
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With a style unlike any other, this artist captures the beauty of nature tremendously.

In the not too distant past the idea of a tattoo looking like a watercolor painting was nothing but a pipe dream. Thanks to the innovations of some very skilled artists over the last decade or so watercolor tattoos have gone from an anomaly to a common trend. Yet, even with the style's proliferation, one has to take a step back and marvel in awe when they see the work of Justin Nordine. 

This cute little guy is enjoying his time at a feeder. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature

This cute little guy is enjoying his time at a feeder. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature

Nordine has taken the watercolor style to a whole new level with his beautiful work, especially when it comes to depicting the wonders of the natural world. When gazing at one of his tattoos it's easy to imagine the artist sitting alongside a stream, working with watercolors on an easel, struggling to capture the majesty of the countryside. In order to give you an introduction to Nordine's vast portfolio, we thought it would be best to focus on a very specific segment of his work — his birds. 

How can you not love this piece? (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Puffins are some of the cutest birds on Earth. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature

Considering that he works out of Colorado, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in the country, it would be easy for Nordine to focus his tattoo work merely on the nature around him. But there ain't never been a puffin in a landlocked area, and that tattoo is phenomenal, we are more than pleased that Nordine looked beyond the natural beauty of his home state for some of his work.  

Two birds on the thigh are worth... something something. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
This piece borders on the abstract, but is still astounding. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Just take a second to appreciate the saturation in this glorious bird. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Owls are majestic enough on their own, but this vibrant feathered fella is out of this world. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Take a look at this bird's mug. He looks mischievous, doesn't he? (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Another long necked beaut. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
Just the simplest outline of a bird embellished with some gorgeous colors. (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature
A majestic bald eagle by Justin Nordine (Via IG - justinnordinetattoos) #Bird #justinnordine #watercolor #art #nature #eagle #merica

After putting together this gallery of Nordine's work I'm ready to grab my binoculars, head to the great outdoors, and spend the day peeping some of God's most amazing creatures as they take flight around me. Or, you know, go get an awesome watercolor bird of my own from Nordine at The Raw Canvas in Grand Junction, Colorado. Hell, why not go do both?! If you enjoyed Nordine's birds half as much as I have you need to give him a follow on Instagram.  

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